SEA Fall Session 2012

SEA Fall Session 2012

We are excited that the 2012 Fall Session will kick off on October 13th! We have a lot of fun projects lined up for this session:

GRADE 2: Air and Weather

  • Students will learn about the relationship between temperature and weather, properties of air, and how clouds are formed.

GRADE 3: Rocks and Minerals

  • Students will learn about the properties that determine the difference between rocks and minerals and will discover household items that are made from minerals.

GRADE 4: Landforms

  • Students will learn about land mapping, the water cycle, stream modeling, and erosion.

GRADE 5: Chemistry

  • Students will learn about atomic structure, balancing chemical equations, and endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Stay tuned for updates and fun educational resources!

– Science Education Academy

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