Dr. Danielle Haney, Ph.D.

Dr. Christa Heyward, Ph.D.

Dr. Nadeene Riddick, Ph.D.

Dr. Tishina Okegbe, Ph.D. 

Lieutenant Gabriel Walton, USMC

We want to congratulate 5 of our volunteers who have recently completed their studies at the University of Pennsylvania: Dr. Danielle Haney, Ph.D, Immunology, Dr. Christa Heyward, Ph.D, Cell and Molecular Biology (CBP), Dr. Nadeene Riddick, Ph.D. Cell and Molecular Biology (MVP), Dr. Tishina Okegbe, Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology ( GGR) and Gabriel Walton, M.S., Genomics and Computational Biology.

Dr. Haney is now serving as our Executive Director, Dr. Heyward is working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Riddick will begin her post-doctoral research at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Okegbe is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Lesotho and Lieutenant Walton is serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

We thank them for their commitment and contributions to the SEA children and the program.

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