Fall Session Review

Fall Session Review

We are in our 6th year of bringing science to the community and would like to thank all of our parents and volunteers. Our Fall Session was packed with Science Fun!

Our 2nd graders built parachutes and experimented with ballon rockets to understand the properties of air and pressure. In the second half of the unit they focused on understanding the properties of weather.
Our 3rd graders investigated the properties of rocks and landforms. They performed scratch tests and discovered the difference between rocks and minerals.
Our 4th graders focused on landforms and understanding how water can contribute to erosion. They built stream tables to illustrate the flow of water in several situations, learned how levees are used to prevent flooding and how damns can be used to generate electricity.
The 5th graders learned about different types of energy, Chemical, Solar and Kinectic. They performed exothermic and endothermic reactions using materials donated by the University of Pennsylvania Chemistry department. They also used solar and kinetic energy to power small motors and light bulbs.
We all closed out the session with a visit from the Academy of Natural Sciences-Philadelphia. During their visit they showed us all about dinosaurs and fossils. We are looking forward to our Winter session where we will study the physical sciences!
We would like to thank the University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Department which donated chemicals, models and physics kits for our 5th grade students and white boards for the entire program.

2nd Graders testing their weather vanes 

5th graders learning about the electrolysis of water
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