Hello Hybrid Learning!

Hello Hybrid Learning!

In the world of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ever adapting, and we are pleased to announce that our hybrid Saturday morning science sessions are going fantastically! Our graduate student volunteers are extremely enthusiastic and accommodating for students both in the classroom and online. Let’s review what we learned this year.

Fourth graders had a chance to perform dissections under volunteer supervision and wearing the correct personal protective gear!

This spring, we focused on life science. We learned about insects, plants, anatomy, DNA, and more! There were many online simulations virtual students used to supplement their learning, in addition to completing activities from the comforts of their home. In-person students quite literally “got their hands dirty” at our site in West Philadelphia. Second graders observed the life cycle of mealworms and butterflies. Third graders planted lima beans and watched them grow. Fourth graders dissected earthworms, grasshoppers, and crayfish. Fifth graders built DNA models out of candy and observed characteristics of fruit flies.

Graduate students help guide our students through their experiments.

We opened and closed our Life Science module with virtual talks from scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and the students were engaged and asked questions. We hope to see more students join us, virtually or in-person, for more science, experiments and fun in the coming months!

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