We’ve Gone Virtual!

We’ve Gone Virtual!

In response to the safety measures needed to combat the COVID19 pandemic that began in early 2020, the Science Education Academy launched a completely virtual program in Fall 2020. While the format was different, the goals were the same; provide a fun and refreshing experience for kids to engage with the scientific community and learn about the basic principles of research including making observations, testing hypotheses, collecting data and drawing conclusions.

We used the ongoing infectious disease outbreak as an opportunity to focus on microbiology and the immune system in this session. Students had the opportunity to hear about the exciting research being done by prominent scientists including Dr. Frederic Bushman and Dr. Kellie Jurado from the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Nicole Ramsey from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. From the comforts of their home, students made models of the gut microbiome and viruses out of household items like pasta and aluminum foil. They tested whether washing your hands with soap helps stop infectious pathogens from spreading. On the eve of the FDA approval of the first COVID19 vaccine in the United States, students learned how antibodies and the immune system help protect us from disease.

While we’re looking forward to returning to in-person programming on Saturday mornings, we’ll  continue our special virtual program from February to May 2021. Check out the “Virtual Programs” page for information on registration and upcoming topics.

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