Women In Science

Women In Science

On April 20, 2013, the Science Education Academy, Inc. held its first annual Women in Science Day. We invited 9 women scientists (medical doctor, research scientists, engineer, veterinarian scientist, science policy analyst, professor) to talk to middle and high school girls about science careers. The program was a great success as we had 24 girls participate.

The program format was engaging and interactive. Each woman scientist led a table through an experiment, discussion or activity related to their profession or carer path. Specifically, Dr. Francl performed chemistry experiments at her table, Mrs. Loftin, showed the young ladies how to break codes, Dr. Riddick taught the young women all about the use of animal models to study HIV and Dr. Golding demonstrated how muscles and bone interact. Drs. King, Haney and Mesfin led engaging discussions about preparing for college, choosing the right career and finding motivation during tough times. The participants rotated to different tables to experience the many careers available to scientists.  

At the program wrap up, we discussed the many options available to those with a scinece background. Many of the girls were surprised by the many options available in the sciences and were shocked that science could be fun. The program was an enriching and inspiring experience for all involved.

We look forward to our next Women in Science day!

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